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Herbal medicine
A biennial plant of the parsley family, which is used as a folk therapy for hypertension (due to its content of butylphthalide), and has been used to increase local circulation in bursitis and gout. It has been held as an aphrodisiac.

Celery may evoke anaphylactic reactions; foods in the EU containing celery must be clearly labelled on the packaging.

Celery is popular in weight loss diets, given celery’s high bulk and low-calorie properties; it is popularly thought of as a so-called negative-calorie food—i.e., that it takes more calories to digest than it contains.
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Q. Is it true that when you eat celery you burn more calories than you consume?

A. true

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Select celery that is firm, crisp, with tight stalks, no blemishes, and pale to bright green healthy-looking leaves.
Then there was the deal clincher, the call went up that chewing celery burned more calories than it actually contained.
Place celery, lobster, apple, kale, mayo, yogurt and celery salt in a large bowl and mix well.
"Our whole family's on celery juice," she tells Grazia.
Just like this girl I overheard at my gym, many stars are raving about the "lifechanging" benefits of celery - from Kim Kardashian claiming it's cured her psoriasis, to Kylie Jenner chugging her morning 16oz smoothie on Instagram.
For those of you unaware of this cultural phenomenon, Anthony Williams--aka the Medical Medium--wrote a post on his popular website espousing the "sweeping benefits" of juicing humble stalks of celery and drinking 16 ounces every morning.
Pour glass of red wine into the same pan as the steak with one sliced onion and chopped celery, before bringing to the boil.
[USA], Nov 15 ( ANI ): It sounds simple enough- juice a bunch of celery, drink it in the morning on an empty stomach, and wait for the health benefits to roll in.
Trim the celery and cut 10cm from the base, saving the top half for other cooking, and reserving the inner yellow leaves.
STUFFED CELERY Mix 226g package Philly cream cheese and 115g package crumbled blue cheese together at room temperature.
During the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, the small Upper Peninsula town of Newberry was home to another impressive farming endeavor--the raising of golden plume celery.