cecal volvulus

ce·cal vol·vu·lus

rotation and twisting of the cecum toward the left upper quadrant, with ascending colon obstruction; associated with a cecum on a long mesentery.
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Cecal volvulus is one of the rare causes of acute abdominal pain that is life threatening and requiring urgent treatment.
Sigmoid volvulus can often be differentiated from transverse colon or cecal volvulus by means of performing abdominal X-ray imaging.
Cecal volvulus caused by endometriosis in a young woman.
Cecal volvulus: review of 12 cases.South Med J 1988; 81: 1233-5.
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Cecal volvulus is an infrequently encountered clinical condition and an uncommon cause of intestinal obstruction.
A cecal volvulus can appear very similar to a sigmoid volvulus; however, a cecal volvulus should have only one air-fluid level, whereas a sigmoid volvulus may demonstrate two air-fluid levels.
While sigmoid volvulus is slightly more common, cecal volvulus is an equally important and significant pathologic process whose mortality ranges from 12%-17%.
Pruett of the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis and his colleagues treated two marathoners who developed cecal volvulus, a twisting of the first portion of the large intestine that obstructs the movement of bowel material and causes great pain.
Laparoscopic cecopexy for mobile cecum syndrome manifesting as cecal volvulus: report of a case.
INTRODUCTION: The condition commonly referred to as cecal volvulus is actually a cecocolic volvulus and consists of an axial rotation of the terminal ileum, cecum, and ascending colon with concomitant twisting of the associated mesentery (1).