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a guinea pig, Cavia porcellus.

spotted cavy
see cavy (above).

cavvy, cavy

the group of saddle horses on a cattle ranch used to work cattle. Called also remuda.
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Thus, herein it was characterized the development and maturation of the lung in the cavy by morphology and expression of markers involved in cellular proliferation, vascular growth, and identification of pluripotent cells.
In our study site, Taraborelli and Moreno (2009) performed behavioral observations of southern mountain cavy and registered sexual behaviors from August to March, with the first litters observed in September and the last ones in March.
Cavies may have been domesticated as early as 5000 BCE in regions of modern-day Peru and Bolivia with evidence of cavy domestication dating back as early as 900 BCE in Chavin de Huantar excavations.
The American Cavy Breeders Association recognizes 13 different breeds with many varieties in each category.
You get the snap, crackle and fizz of the Cavy Grant/Rosalind Russell movie, along with the greater texture and sense of place of the original Hecht-MacArthur play.
Every Giants fan knows Cavy and he has nothing to prove to me and our goaltending is strong.
Guinea pig lovers all over the globe now beam into his electronic site which is called The Winking Cavy Store.
Seasonal variation of a cavy population in the pampa region, east-central Argentina.
The reserve itself is host to Baird's tapirs, jaguars, pumas, spider and howler monkeys, ocelots, coati, and spotted cavy, and provides one of many sites for abundant nature watching.
Endemic climbing cavy Kerodon acrobata (Rodentia: Caviidae: Hydrochoerinae) from dry forest patches in the Cerrado domain: new data on distribution, natural history, and morphology.
They shared a pen with a Patagonian cavy, a creature about the size of a fox terrier that looks vaguely like a jackalope in training.