cavvy, cavy

the group of saddle horses on a cattle ranch used to work cattle. Called also remuda.
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From recovering from their mother's death to facing danger and disease, the tone is gritty and revealing as Cavvy faces a barrage of threats with a tired determination to survive and stand up for what she loves.
Her company's product is The Cavvy Cover[TM], a nursing cover that makes it easier for moms to nurse in public.
Ruff and Cavvy get a chance to heal and I don't know when Bales will be back, so the break will work to our benefit in that regard.
Cavvy however, then made a number of saves to keep the Giants in the game and then the top line took over.
Cavvy was magnificent and so were his defencemen who dived to block shots in what was very much a turkey shoot on the Giants' goal but they stood firm.
Eric Fenton received a long cross-ice pass and fired home past Mark Cavallin's left shoulder but Cavvy kept the score at 1-1 with a couple of terrific saves.