cavum mediastinale

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ca·vum me·di·a·sti·na·'le

an inappropriate name sometimes applied to the mediastinum.
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(ka'vum) [L. cavus, a hollow]
A cavity or space.

cavum abdominis

Abdominal cavity.

cavum conchae

The inferior portion of the cavity of the auricle of the ear. It leads to the external acoustic meatus.

cavum mediastinale


cavum medullare

The medullary cavity of a long bone.

cavum oris

Oral cavity.

cavum pelvis

Pelvic cavity.

cavum septi pellucidi

The cavity of the septum pellucidum of the brain.

cavum trigeminale

The space between the two layers of the dura mater of the brain in which the trigeminal ganglion is located. Synonym: Meckel's space

cavum tympani

The cavity of the middle ear.

cavum uteri

The cavity of the uterus.
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