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To form cavities in an organ or tissue.
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Q. What are the effects of alcoholism on the oral cavity? I have to make a presentation on this topic, and I would like to know what are the main pathological effects of chronic alcoholism on the oral cavity, I know that it is a carcinogen, but it mainly acts as a promoter, is there any cancer that is caused by alcohol abuse?

A. alcohol can interact harmfully with several medications commonly used in dental treatment. Alcohol intensifies the depressant effect of barbituates and tranquilizers creating a higher risk of deep sedation and unconsciousness. Following treatment, the ability to drive may be impaired. Medications used to control high blood pressure and angina have a dilating effect on the blood vessels which is intensified by alcohol.

The result is a higher likelihood of low blood pressure and fainting. Even the action of aspirin is intensified by alcohol, causing excessive bleeding by disrupting clot formation

Q. what happens if a dentist fills a cavity with some caries left on the tooth? the cavity was deep ,close to the nerve. Didn’t make nerve exposure.?

A. If it wasn’t removed properly – you will have what they call – “recurrent cries”. It’ll continue growing without you seeing it until you’ll come back to the dentist again because of the pain. I suggest you’ll save the pain part and go now.

Q. what happens if a dentist fills a cavity with some caries left on the tooth? the cavity was deep ,close to the nerve. Didn’t make nerve exposure.?

A. If that is so, then you will need to have him remove all the decay, the refill. If it is too close to the nerves then they may have to do a root canal. That means take out the filling, the tooth pulp and fill it up.

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(3,6,9,10) Brauner proposed that the initial nodules eventually cavitate, leading to thick-walled cysts, which then mature to thin-walled and ultimately confluent cysts.
Metastatic lung lesions also can cavitate, but this occurs less frequently than in primary lung cancers.
The microspheres, developed by ImaRx Therapeutics, are tiny gas-filled lipid structures that cavitate (rapidly expand and collapse) when exposed to ultrasound waves, helping to reopen blocked arteries and restore blood flow.
Likewise, management needs information about overall plant health and the priorities of various repairs, but it doesn't want to know that a circulation water pump is exhibiting mild axial misalignment or another pump elsewhere is beginning to cavitate.
When the pump is trying to discharge more water than it has coining into it, which is a function of the net positive suction head required (NPSHR) by the pinup design, the pump will cavitate. You can help eliminate cavitation possibilities by selecting a pump that's well within the efficiency curves.
In the worst case, the system can't feed enough water to the pump, which causes it to cavitate. At the least, it will make unnecessary noise.
In the presence of ultrasound, the microbubbles cavitate (expand and collapse), releasing energy that may potentially dissolve the blood clot.
These products are formulated to cavitate and de-gas effectively to maximise the ultrasonic cleaning action, aiding the removal of particulates, lapping slurry and polishing compounds by use of ultrasonic sound waves.
Without the use of SCAs in conventional coolant, the engine will cavitate. Cavitation, or pitting of the interior metal engine walls, is a serious problem for diesel engines, often necessitating an overhaul or replacing the engine block.
Also, when chips, fines, and super fines accumulate in the reservoir - to the point where their volume displaces too much of the fluid - pumps cavitate, and the coolant temperature elevates, resulting in evaporating and possible issues detrimental to part quality.
When you do a start-up in the morning, your gear pump is pumping, you always have pressure and your hydrostat won't cavitate."