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cavernous space

an anatomic cavity with many interconnecting chambers.
Synonym(s): caverna [TA], cavern


An anatomic cavity with many interconnecting chambers.
See also: cave, cavity
References in classic literature ?
Chimborazo is not particularly low, nor are the caverns of Kentucky so strikingly elevated.
The comely woman of whom I spoke was called So-ta, and she took such a lively interest in me that To-jo finally objected to her attentions, emphasizing his displeasure by knocking her down and kicking her into a corner of the cavern.
But they all showed a rather remarkable aptitude for delineation which further fortified Bowen's comparisons between these people and the extinct Cro-Magnons whose ancient art is still preserved in the caverns of Niaux and Le Portel.
But let us suppose that cavities exist in this otherwise universal medium, as caverns exist in the earth, or cells in a Swiss cheese.
But the worst enemy thou canst meet, wilt thou thyself always be; thou waylayest thyself in caverns and forests.
Through the cavern of the dead," was the answer when the questions were modified.
We tramped and clumb around all over it, and by and by found a good big cavern in the rock, most up to the top on the side towards Illinois.
This shortly brought them to a be- witching spring, whose basin was incrusted with a frostwork of glittering crystals; it was in the midst of a cavern whose walls were supported by many fan- tastic pillars which had been formed by the joining of great stalactites and stalagmites together, the result of the ceaseless water-drip of centuries.
It belongs to one of the numerous islands with which this sea is strewn--to vessels a simple sandbank--to us an immense cavern.
Of a water that flows, With a lullaby sound, From a spring but a very few Feet under ground -- From a cavern not very far Down under ground.
About eighteen months or two years after the events which terminate this story, when search was made in that cavern for the body of Olivier le Daim, who had been hanged two days previously, and to whom Charles VIII.
Echo bore it to her purple cavern in the hills, and woke the sleeping shepherds from their dreams.