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Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of Northwestern University, said: "There is a tremendous need for a therapy to treat erectile dysfunction caused by cavernous nerve damage.
The research examined whether intra-operative identification would help surgeons spare cavernous nerves during radical prostate surgery and identify the cavernous nerve for nerve grafting.
Histological study of the cavernous nerve mesh outside the periprostatic region: Anatomical basis for erectile function after nonnerve sparing radical prostatectomy.
During their investigation, the group aimed to examine the differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cells cultivated on the surface of nanofibrous meshes (nano-hMSCs) into neuron-like cells and repair of erectile dysfunction using their transplantation around the injured cavernous nerve (CN) of rats.
Mary's Hospital in Seoul, found in animal studies that adipose (fat) derived adult human stem cells, grown in culture, were very effective in treating cavernous nerve injury.
Using nerves from a patient's leg and attaching it to the severed cavernous nerve creates the potential for the nerve to regenerate.
The patent portfolio has been expanded to include parts of the peripheral nervous system, the cranial nerve, the brain and retina, and the cavernous nerve.
The animal model showed that when the cavernous nerve branches are cut, softer, smaller erections occur even with chemically-induced erections.
Cavernous nerve grafts restore erectile dysfunction in denervated rats.
Electron microscopic evaluation of the cavernous nerve showed a greater number of nerve fibers in the GGF2 treated groups at 5 weeks following the injury.
Since their first case in January 2008, they have performed both unilateral and bilateral cavernous nerve repairs.
Our preclinical results in models of PPED suggest that oral treatment with GPI 1485 either concurrent with or up to 7 days following peripheral nerve injury can produce significant neuroprotection, preventing cavernous nerve degeneration and preserving erectile function at greater than 90% of normal levels for up to 28 days after injury.

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