cause of death

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cause of death

Forensic medicine The reason or event that precipitates death Types Proximate COD, immediate COD Statistics-'Top ten' US–ASHD/HTN, CA, CVA/stroke, COPD, accidents–falls, fires, drowning, etc, pneumonia & influenza, DM, HIV, suicide, chronic liver disease & cirrhosis 'Top ten' worldwide: CAD, acute RTIs in children, CVA/stroke, diarrhea in children, COPD, TB, malaria, accidents–falls, fires, drowning, measles, other heart disease. See Death, Mechanism of death, World health.
Cause of death
Proximate COD
The most important, immediate, direct or actual cause, or last event or act that occurred before the chain of events leading to death
Immediate COD
The concluding or final event that actually produces death; other CODs include natural causes, HIV risk factors, injury and poisoning, dementia, periprocedural deaths associated with medical treatment or diagnostic/therapeutic procedures and devices, perinatal death (CAP Today 12/95, p57)
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Q. do Arthritis can cause death?

A. in a secondary way, if you have a sore knee and you go down the stairs - you might fall and break your neck. but not in a direct way.

Q. Do dental caries really cause death in severe cases? its written in wikipedia i have a severe case of dental cavity. I’m scared

A. Basically, dental caries is an infection. That means bacterial growth. When it enters the blood stream the bacteria can travel around and sit on your heart, for example, and then to destroy it’s valves. Or it can get to the brain or what ever. The same way you can die from a contamination of a deep wound. But don’t get too excited, just go to the dentist.

Q. How do you overcome depression caused by the death of a loved-one? I have been in a relationship for 3 and a half years, and been living with my girlfriend that just passed on suddenly. I don't have many friends, probably enough for one hand to count. I have signed up for bereavement counseling and still waiting to. Is there anything else anyone can suggest to me, or even someone just to talk to on my down times. Please help me!!! Suggestions?.

A. Sorry for your loss, I would have to say time will heal, and let yourself grieve, cry, and day by day you will get better...even if you don’t feel it.. one day you will. In the meantime, counseling is wonderful, because you can make friends you can talk to and can relate to. Also, try to keep busy, read, start up a hobby, watch funny movies, volunteer at a local hospital or church. Being around people and helping others always helps somehow.:)

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'In the case of Maulana Samiul Haq, the cause of death is very clear and police must have taken pictures of wounds which can be sufficient for conviction; but at the appellant level the court can give benefit of doubt to the accused if his lawyers are good,' says another top cop.'No justification at all.
Analyzing the deaths due to diseases of the circulatory system, with CRF as an associated cause, hypertensive diseases were the main cause of death, followed by cerebrovascular diseases (Table 4).
is the male killer three age ranges pr For example, lung cancer caused 10.3% of all deaths of women aged 65-79, while heart disease was the leading cause of death for men (15.0%) in the same age range.
Lung cancer has remained the fifth leading cause of death.
Moreover, age is significantly associated with cause of death in all models.
SLE was the 10th-leading cause of death in the 15- to 24-year age group (1,226 deaths), the 14th-leading cause among women aged 25-34 (2,431 deaths) and 35-44 (3,646 deaths), and the 16th-leading cause in those aged 45-54 (5,271 deaths), Eric Y.
One case in Bataan reported severe dengue as the cause of death. The most recent death was in December 2017.
Cause of death included coronary heart disease, stroke, specific cancers, respiratory disease, digestive disease, external causes (including suicide and death from injury), and dementia.
The leading cause of death for younger adolescent girls aged 10-14 years are lower respiratory infections, such as pneumonia-often a result of indoor air pollution from cooking with dirty fuels.
The cause of death statement should be the provider's best informed medical opinion, within a reasonable degree of medical certainty, based on training and knowledge of the patient's medical history, presentation and course of treatment.
The latest report from the Office of National Statistics reveals that over 61,000 people died of dementia last year, making the chronic mental disorder the leading cause of death in England and Wales.