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a tissue or membrane.
laryngeal web a common congenital malformation of the larynx, ranging from a thin, translucent diaphragm to a thicker, more fibrotic obstruction (see laryngeal atresia); it is spread between the vocal folds near the anterior commissure and may cause hoarseness, aphonia, and other symptoms.
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A tissue or membrane bridging a space.
See also: tela.
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1. A complex, interconnected structure or arrangement, as of fibers or filaments.
2. An abnormal membrane or fold of skin connecting adjacent structures, such as fingers or toes.
3. A membrane or fold of skin connecting the toes, as of certain amphibians, birds, and mammals.
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Informatics the Web, World Wide Web Online The Internet's worldwide, HTML-based, hypertext linked information system; a group of databases within the Internet that uses hypertext technology to access text, pictures and other multimedia with a mouse click ; the Web is an 'entity' on the Internet that ties it together so that all data is accessible simply and consistently. See Browser, FTP, HTTP, Internet, URL, WAIS, Web browser Medtalk A flattened tissue or membrane. See Esophageal web, Laryngeal web.
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A tissue or membrane bridging a space.
See also: tela
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