causal independence

caus·al in·de·pen·dence

the state of systems that share no causes or effects.
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This view of the reciprocal causal independence of mind and matter has no basis except in metaphysical theory.* For us, there is no necessity to make any such assumption, which is very difficult to harmonize with obvious facts.
Causal Independence, the Identity of lndiscernibles, and the Essentiality of Origins, CHARLES B.
This view is not libertarian because the will does not have causal independence from God, and not compatibilist because the action of God upon the will is not like physical causation.
The essential problem with this book is that, despite its brevity, there is an enormous amount of repetition--particularly regarding Schumpeter's various visions of the nature of production functions, the causal independence of innovation from invention, and the reasons why Schumpeter's predictions of the demise of capitalism have not eventuated--and this gets in the way of covering anything in depth.
Causal independence for knowledge acquisition and inference.