caus-, caut-

prefix meaning "burn": causalgia, cautery.
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caus- Rover outside stolen including a relapsed He snapped.
However, higher education in Africa is fraught with challenges, including limited financial and hu- man resources and a lack of industrial linkages caus- ing education to be out of sync with the needs of the economy.
The expression gives the right to express one's ideas and opinions free- ly without deliberately caus- ing harm to other's character and or reputation by false or misleading statements.
It did not fit well in their mouths, it got their hands dirty and it caus- ed problems for their mothers.
As mem- bers of our creative industry, we all have a common respon- sibility: to always push for great, engaging and innovative ideas for our brands and caus- es, for ideas that are preferra- bly relevant to our culture.
No one can condone the caus- es of climate change, but we must think about future opportunities or we will struggle even more.