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Researchers finally caught sight of the companion using images collected by the Hubble Space Telescope.
The woman, accompanied by a child, was using a public computer when she caught sight of someone viewing pornographic Web sites on the next terminal.
She went on to say that when she caught sight of the small plastic, non-precious stone that I was so grateful to have back, she absolutely knew that some special boy must have given me the bead.
After viewing all of the hot rods, he caught sight of a sweet, champagne-colored 2000 Lincoln Navigator with leather seats, a built-in TV, and a six-CD changer.
Though their work would later be derided by Louis Sullivan and Frank Lloyd Wright as hobbling America's organic architectural movement, the fair's primary architects Daniel Burnham and John Root oversaw the creation of neoclassical buildings that awed visitors, some of whom broke down weeping when they caught sight of what came to be known as the White City.
Yet in 1999 she caught sight of a familiar-looking notebook on her bookshelves--a journal she had kept in 1979, while her mother was dying.
Submersible craft exploring water at 2,000 meters and below have caught sight of these characters eight times in the past 13 years, but no one has collected a specimen.
As the communicants came down the side aisle, I caught sight of Jacques d'Amboise, still oddly boyish at 66.
Great was our joy when we caught sight of our little house and our two stacks of hay.
A Compaq Computer Corp internal memo which ZDNet has caught sight of, apparently details a "critical decision" to "significantly increase our Unix market share.
We couldn't believe our eyes when we caught sight of her on a Vanderbilt-Tennessee broadcast.