caudal sheath

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cau·dal sheath

a group of microtubules arranged cylindrically around the caudal pole of the nucleus in a developing spermatozoon.


1. pertaining to a cauda.
2. situated more towards the cauda, or tail, than some specified reference point; toward the inferior (in humans) or hinder (in animals) end of the body. See also posterior.

caudal anesthesia
a type of regional anesthesia in which the anesthetizing solution is injected into the caudal area of the spinal canal through the caudal end of the sacrum and tail. It affects the caudal nerve roots, and renders the cervix, vagina and perineum insensitive to pain.
caudal cervical instability
see wobbler syndrome. Called also caudal cervical malformation-malarticulation.
caudal cervical malformation/malarticulation
caudal cervical instability (see wobbler syndrome).
caudal fold test
the single intradermal (SID) fold tuberculin test for tuberculosis.
caudal impression of liver
the renal impression.
caudal sheath
part of the maturation process of spermatid to spermatozoa; a caudal sheath of microtubules develops at the caudal edge of the head cap. Called also manchette.
caudal tailfold
when the cow's tail is lifted there are two, rarely a single central, folds of skin from the edges of the ventral surface of the tail to beside the anus. The site of injection and a control for the single intradermal test. See also caudal fold test (above).
caudal tract
usually refers to the tubular part of the female genital tract.
caudal vena cava
see vena cava.
caudal vena caval thrombosis
thrombosis of the caudal vena cava arises from a hepatic abscess. The commonest result is the subsequent shedding of emboli and the development of a chronic pulmonary disease often terminated by massive pulmonary hemorrhage and bleeding to death through the mouth and nostrils. Others suffer a chronic course with anemia, dyspnea and persistent cough and are euthanatized because of cachexia and prolonged distress.
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