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Relating to reflected light.
[G. katoptron, mirror]
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each is also a mirror-image of the other, albeit a refracted, catoptric
In a tradition originally derived from Roger Bacon's claims about the powers of catoptric glasses, early modern philosophers such as Thomas Digges repeatedly tell stories about the telescope's power as tool for reading distant texts.
Could it be that these vaunted microwave background radiation fluctuations from the cosmos are in reality catoptric (mirror-like) images reflected off galaxy and galactic supercluster structures under the pretense of inflationary anisotropy?
After 1980 he began making strange little dioramas on the side, exquisitely evocative miniature sensoriums, several of them featuring the same stereoscopic viewing device modeled on the catoptric (or so-called beam-splitting) camera that he'd subsequently deploy in his Iguassu Falls display.
The press release described the show as "a kind of Modernist Hall of Mirrors," and while some of the works reinforced this catoptric organizational logic, at heart the sentiment was a weak attempt to thematize the grouping of otherwise diverse experiments.