A substance that gives rise to positively charged ions.
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(11) The initiator (i.e., cationogen) used for all polymerizations was 1-isobutoxyethyl acetate (IBEA).
The cationogen, 1-isobutoxy-ethyl acetate (IBEA), was prepared using the procedure of Aoshima and Higashimura.
% containing repeating units derived from at least one isoolefin monomer, more than 4.1 mol % of repeating units derived from at least one multiolefin monomer and optionally further copolymerizable monomers in the presence of Al[Cl.sub.3] and a suitable proton source (e.g., water) or cationogen, and at least one multiolefin crosslinking agent, wherein the process is conducted in the absence of transition metal compounds and organic nitro compounds.