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Referring to positively charged ions and their properties.


(kat'i?on) [ cata- + Gr. ion, going]
An ion with a positive electric charge. It is attracted by and travels to the cathode.
See: anion; electrolyte; ioncationic (kat?i?on'ik), adjective


having qualities dependent on having free cations available.

cationic detergents
are wetting agents that disrupt or damage cell membranes, denature proteins and inactivate enzymes. Examples are the quaternary ammonium compounds.
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In general, cationic methacrylates and methacrylamides are more reactive than their acrylate and acrylamide counterparts.
As a result of its focus on R&D, the company produces a full range of packaging inks, including free radical and cationic UV inks, which is fairly unique.
Cecropin A, B1, B2 iso-forms have 19, 22 and 21 cationic amino acids respectively, and most of them exist other than the secondary structures.
Besides being tolerant toward a sol-gel process, cationic photopolymerization also gives interesting opportunities to devise novel methods toward hybrids.
During the first week of the trial, while being trained to use the Calan gates, all cows were fed a low potassium close-up dry cationic diet (+28 mEq/kg DM; Table 1).
The new patent, entitled, "Adjuvant Compositions and Methods for Enhancing Immune Responses to Polynucleotide-Based Vaccines," covers the use of cationic lipid formulations, including Vaxfectin, as adjuvants.
Besides, the report provides cationic starch prices in regional markets.
offers a low cost, alternative technology to the conventional cationic chemistry normally used for this application, the company says.
The superabsorbent polymer particles are coated with cationic polymers having 1 to 25 mol/kg, referring to the total weight of the cationic polymers, of cationic groups, which can be protonated.
Alternatively, nonviral agents, such as cationic polymers, are easy to manufacture, and present low immunogenicity and high nucleic-acid-cargo capacity.
Where colloidal particles are highly negatively charged, cationic polymers are more efficient (11).

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