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Referring to positively charged ions and their properties.
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(kat'i?on) [ cata- + Gr. ion, going]
An ion with a positive electric charge. It is attracted by and travels to the cathode.
See: anion; electrolyte; ioncationic (kat?i?on'ik), adjective
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Eosinophil cationic protein, which was demonstrated to be a signal of bronchial asthma activity in the study of Schmekel et al.
When it comes to cationic coating systems, our fumed alumina dispersions (PG003 and PG008 dispersions) are very robust against cationic polyurethane dispersions or acrylic dispersions.
In preparation of the cationic solid lipid particles, the simple technique of generating oil-in-water emulsion was used.
Besides, the cationic surfactants are widely used as fabric softeners, bleach activators, dispersants, anti-static agents, and emulsifiers not only because of their good performance but also for their mildness or friendly to human beings and their biodegradability [13, 14].
In general, cationic methacrylates and methacrylamides are more reactive than their acrylate and acrylamide counterparts.
"There are very few ink manufacturers that produce solvent, water, free radical UV and cationic UN products, which differentiates Mirage from most of our competitors," Mr.
It has an instability index of 25.67 which shows that it is a stable peptide and the total cationic residues are 5.
Another way to circumvent the water sensitivity of the cationic process consisted in performing the reaction in bulk via a photochemical initiation.
Cationic AKD particles were prepared by emulsifying AKD (Raisio Roe Lee) in tap water above its melting point by cationic starch (CATO-237, National Starch), followed by cooling to room temperature.
"As we add more cationic materials to the process and as water/fiber recycling increases, wet end charge is moving closer to zero or even becoming positive.
Sun Chemical has introduced the product Solarcat[TM], which is the most advanced cationic UV flexo ink system of its kind in the world and at least two times faster curing than other products in the marketplace.