cation exchanger

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cat·i·on ex·chang·er

(kat'ī-on eks-chānj'ĕr),
An insoluble solid (usually a polystyrene or a polysaccharide) that has negatively charged radicals attached to it (for example, -COO-, -SO3-), which can attract and hold cations that pass by in a moving solution if these are more attracted to the acid groups than the counter ion present.
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2 times higher than the capacity of industrial cation exchanger KU-2-8.
The effect of temperature on the sorption of chromium (III) by cation exchanger Amberlite IR- 120 H+ in the concentration range of 1.
3-] in the cation exchanger, while NaOH solution of the 1 mol/l was introduced for the anion exchanger, leading to adsorption of O[H.
Frolov, Moskviczev, and Samsonov (5) studied dielectric properties of various ionic forms of the cation exchanger membrane SDB-3 at 22[degrees]C between 0.
Tenders are invited for Rubber lining of Cation Exchanger and associated pipes, MSRL bends and T internal and externalnozzle plate etc.
The pre-validated chromatography columns can come packed with either strong cation exchangers, weak cation exchangers or strong anion exchangers, eliminating manual column packing and cleaning, according to the company.
Electrical conducting behavior was an additional advantage of such materials; thus, electrically conducting composite cation exchangers were developed as new class of advance materials (8-10).
Kinetic characteristics of the received cation exchangers were investigated.
Therefore Chromium (III) removal on three cation exchangers Amberlite.