cation exchanger

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cat·i·on ex·chang·er

(kat'ī-on eks-chānj'ĕr),
An insoluble solid (usually a polystyrene or a polysaccharide) that has negatively charged radicals attached to it (for example, -COO-, -SO3-), which can attract and hold cations that pass by in a moving solution if these are more attracted to the acid groups than the counter ion present.
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ions of the initialized cation exchanger were substituted for other inorganic ions by filling with solutions that contain various ions, and the impedance measurements were carried out.
Z|-f characteristics were measured for cation exchanger treated with solutions with various concentrations of [Ca.
2]) on both anion and cation exchangers (unless a very slow gradient on a Baker-Bond PEI-WAX column is used).