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cath·o·dal (C),

Of, pertaining to, or emanating from a cathode.
Synonym(s): cathodic


(C) (kath'ō-dăl)
Of, pertaining to, or emanating from a cathode.
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reported that applying cathodal direct current at sensory intensity induces significant enhancement of VEGF [14] and FGF-2 [33] levels in incisional wounds.
For example, discriminating an anodal head and cathodal tail stimulus may enable a predatory elasmobranch to direct its attack to the more vulnerable head of its prey.
Isocyanates curing agents are usually applied in waterborne low-temperature curable cathodal electrophorelic epoxy coatings.
The enzyme loci in different tissues tested are numbered consecutively from the most cathodal to the most anodal and alleles are designated alphabatically.
1990), which designates the loci in ascending order beginning with number 1 for the most cathodal locus.
Electrophoresis was carried out for 5 1/2 to 6 h, until the tracking dye had moved 5 to 7 cm from the cathodal end.
The anodal and cathodal compartments of electrophoresis tank were filled with equal amounts of TEB buffer in such a way that electrodes dipped in the buffer.
This study was designed to evaluate the effect of sensory (600 [micro]A) and motor (threshold of contraction) intensities of cathodal ES on the release of FGF-2 at the wound site, separately in skin and muscle, and its relation to proliferation of inflammatory cells, collagen fiber alignment, and angiogenesis.
Cultured zebrafish keratocytes display a cathodal response to applied EFs that varies with magnitude (Fig.
In particular, the cathodal migration of rituximab and trastuzumab may raise a suspicion of interference.
Bands of a given enzyme for an individual plant were numbered from the most anodal to the most cathodal.