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cath·o·dal (C),

Of, pertaining to, or emanating from a cathode.
Synonym(s): cathodic


(C) (kath'ō-dăl)
Of, pertaining to, or emanating from a cathode.
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Therefore, it seems the application of cathodal direct current ES (at sensory threshold intensity) can induce improvement in skin temperature and wound healing in DFU, probably by stimulating the release of VEGF and NO and increasing blood flow following the expression of these angiogenic factors.
Effect of anodal and cathodal micro-amperage direct current on the skin wound healing: A biomechanical and histological study.
Therefore, cathodal sensory ES induces greater release of FGF-2 at the wound site via stimulation of the migration of cells that produce FGF-2 toward the wound site.
We evaluated the effect of sensory and motor intensities of cathodal current on the release of fibroblastic growth factor-2 (FGF-2) at the wound site and also the biomechanical and histological properties of healed skin.
Does externally applied cathodal ES influence the release of VEGF in the wound site?
showed that the cathodal ES in the experimental group increased the number of macrophages and fibroblast cells compared with that in the control group [15].
No significant differences were found between the cathodal and control groups for any testing day.
Group Parameter Anodal (E1) Cathodal (E2) % [arrow down] WSA Day 12 81.
Anodal and cathodal widths of the Alb peak were also evaluated for three samples containing known Alb variants (14), compared with the remaining 804 samples for which S-bili was available.
With the UPE screen, another band was observed in the far cathodal region.
The IEF pattern shows a cathodal shift because of the hypoglycosylation of the protein (2).
More than 90% of tissue CK-mit is octameric (18) and exhibits cathodal migration on electrophoresis because of its positive charge, whereas CK-BB and CK-MB are negatively charged and CK-MM is neutral (19-20).