catheter guide

cath·e·ter guide

a flexible metallic or plastic wire or thin sound over which a catheter is passed to advance it into its proper position, as in a blood vessel or the urethra.
See also: stylet, Seldinger technique.
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"As a raw material supplier for catheter guide wire manufacturers and coaters, as well as countless biocompatible devices, we understand the benefits of our coatings in medical applications.
Its advantages are as follows: (1) ureteroscope can be easily reintroduced into the ureter through catheter guide; (2) the catheter stuck next to the stone, and made upward migration difficult during lasertripsy; and (3) with the catheter irrigation, proximal stone fragments migration was obstructed by the downward washout during lasertripsy, creating a flush of stone fragments into the distal ureter or bladder.
-- Guide wire does not ride inside the body of the catheter (no internal catheter guide wire lumen),