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Cathepsins B, K, and L are regulated by a defined collagen type II peptide via activation of classical protein kinase C and p38 MAP kinase in articular chondrocytes.
In the phytophagous insect, Colorado potato beetle, molecular complex interactions take place between the insect and the plant observing the "Red Queen hypothesis"; the food protein digestion is initiated by cathepsin D aspartic peptidase (Brunelle et al.
Cathepsins in Human Obesity: Changes in Energy Balance Predominantly Affect Cathepsin S in Adipose Tissue and in Circulation.
Another proteinase that has been implicated in COPD pathogenesis is cathepsin S, a lysosomal acidic proteinase which is highly expressed by cells implicated in COPD pathogenesis including macrophages and dendritic cells [6].
Resulting relocation of low mass iron and cathepsins would lead to secondary harm to various cellular constituents.
Proteolytic enzymes such as cathepsins and calpains are involved in structural and biochemical changes during post mortem ageing process (Ouali et al.
Then, non-specific esterase, in conjunction with acid phosphatases, elastase, hyaluronidase, cathepsin, collagenases and plasminogen activators, may damage the surrounding tissue [3].
The aim of this study was to evaluate the expression of proteins: FHIT, E-cadherin, [alpha]-catenin, [gamma]-catenin, cathepsin B, EGF, HER-2, MMP-9, MCM-2, Bak, Bax, BID, Bcl-XL, p53, FasL, Bcl-2, caspase-8, procaspase-3 in gastric cancer cells, depending on the type of tumor by Lauren classification.
Canuel M, Korkidakis A, Konnyu K, Morales CR (2008) Sortilin mediate the lysosomal targeting of cathepsins D and H.