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Grosz explains also the relationship between the individual and elements which become libidinally cathected parts of body image.
Versions of this theme--which folds into related themes of knowledge and belonging--are scattered throughout the text, each cathected via the figure of the uncanny.
His classifications reveal a critic willing to speak his mind and radically reorder the canonical terrain, thus Padraic Colum is dismissed as a peasant-poet, and Francis Ledwidge's work is "essentially an ornamental poetry that is never cathected by any larger forces, whether of nature, politics, or human emotion" (55).
others' effective actions are negatively cathected and others' ineffective actions are positively cathected) and in individualistic situations the feelings generated by success or failure to achieve one's goals tend not to transfer to other individuals.
Once Panh was able to identify these traumatic events, they were cathected onto the object of cinema.
In a recent issue of CrossCurrents, Robert Jones and Melissa Stewart worry that certain unintended consequences of "Dixieland Postliberalism," of which I am identified as one of the arch-exponents, are being unwittingly cathected in unsuspecting divinity students.
This is so, chiefly, because the nettle that Astarabadi made bold to grasp was one in which the various and multifarious nerves of a distinctively Shii piety were cathected, as it were.
18) Thus, his bare black skin becomes not only publicly exposed by the camera but animatedly cathected by its producing, figuratively and literally, what Achille Mbembe calls a state of erection.
At the same time, the humanist interest in exploring the multifariousness of existence in order to gain an insight into the workings of the universe could not be further removed from the eclectic plateau of this exhibition, in which disparate components are mixed together with remarkable sparkle and wit, yet without once admitting occupied or cathected commitment to the meanings of their original parts.
I am inclined to think that the manifest splitting of his oneiric self-image may be indicative of his more tentative relation to his own actual male genital body image which, given Ulaqayi's professed desire to have a vagina, seems to be narcissistically weakly cathected.
The sentence proposes that Joe's "primal scene" is memorially cathected before being first forgotten (memory "believes" but then ceases to "recollect") and then, later, consciously remembered (memory "believes before knowing remembers").
Near to the end of the night with the litter everywhere and empty tin sounds and smoke wallowing in the bubble bath it was only cathected negation and me left.