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Chapters address lab-scale and larger-scale synthesis of azide compounds; azides by olefin hydroazidation reactions; the chemistry of vinyl, allenyl, and ethynyl azides; small rings by azide chemistry; Schmidt rearrangement reactions with alkyl azides; radical chemistry with azides; cycloaddition reactions with azides; dipolar cycloaddition reactions in peptide chemistry; the azide/nitrene interface and the photochemistry of azides; organoazides and transition metals; azide-containing high energy materials; azide chemistry in rotaxane and catenane synthesis, aza-Wittig reaction in natural product synthesis; and azides in carbohydrate chemistry.
Rather than encode Is and Os on the basis of the amount of charge stored in a memory cell, as conventional memory chips do, the UCLA approach encodes data in catenane molecules, each of which has two interlocked rings.
Topics addressed include bioactive macrocyclic peptides and peptide mimics, macrocycles by ring-closure metathesis, supramolecular macrocycle synthesis by H-bonding assembly, cucurbiturils, tetra-urea calixarenes, shape-persistent macrocycles based on acetylenic scaffolding, supramolecular 3D architectures by metal-directed assembly of synthetic macrocycles, new properties and reactions in self-assembly M6L4 coordination cages, anion-binding macrocycles, and rotaxane and catenane synthesis.