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Effect of green tea catechins on plasma cholesterol level in cholesterol-fed rats.
2005), although the bioavailability of EGCG as well as other catechins has been shown to be extremely low (1.
Catechins are strong natural antioxidants which have applications in the dietary supplement and food markets as a natural additive to extend shelf life.
b) Consumption of green tea catechins decreases blood glucose and fasting blood insulin.
Green tea catechins used topically as a proprietary ointment (Polyphenon E) at 15% strength was shown in two trials to clear external genital and anal warts in a median of 16 and 10 weeks respectively when applied three times daily (Blumenthal 2007).
Animal studies have shown that even when consuming a diet rich in lard and cholesterol, rats who receive green tea catechins have much lower cholesterol levels than those who don't receive the catechins.
Dutch researchers indicate that dark chocolate contains four times the amount of catechin antioxidants than black tea, which is suspected of having a protective effect against heart disease and possibly cancer due to its antioxidant properties.
We don't lose catechins and flavanones during extraction because the solvents we use are much less destructive," he says.
Green tea contains potent cancer-suppressing agents called catechins, which also protect against heart disease.
The patented formula combines quercetin and green tea catechins with seven key vitamins and metabolic enhancers to synergistically increase the level and duration of antioxidant activity in the body.
Results showed that levels of metabolites of green tea catechins increase in skin fluid after supplementation, and erythema (skin redness) levels were reduced after the 12-week supplementation period.
Research has shown that green tea gallate catechins are extremely active antioxidants and in a bioavailable form, are able to protect the red and white blood cells against attack.