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At the last moment when he has got five minutes left to catch the train, he'll say: 'Let's go into the counting-house and look at the books.
Then the Doctor tripped over his medicine- bag and fell down in the mud, and the Captain thought he would surely catch him this time.
Sea Catch had just finished his forty-fifth fight one spring when Matkah, his soft, sleek, gentle-eyed wife, came up out of the sea, and he caught her by the scruff of the neck and dumped her down on his reservation, saying gruffly: "Late as usual.
It was not the fashion for Sea Catch to eat anything during the four months he stayed on the beaches, and so his temper was generally bad.
That was last week's catch," he said, looking up plaintively, his forefinger where he had left off.
He catch plenty good fella kai-kai, {2} plenty good fella money.
During what is called the "open season" the fishermen might catch as many salmon as their luck allowed and their boats could hold.
8) The lice which they caught in their clothes they left behind, but carried home in their clothes those which they could not catch.
Oh yes, I catch a mess now and then when I am lying by; good perch I catch.
And without slacking the speed of her entrance she leaped forward with a scream--leaped in time to catch and hang upon the arm of O'Sullivan that was suddenly uplifted, and to whisk from it the long, bright stiletto that he had drawn from his bosom.
However, no boys are more able to take care of themselves than East and Martin; they dodge the pursuers, slip through a gap, and come pelting after Tom and Arthur, whom they catch up in no time.
I'd sooner stick to the road, an' shoot a deer an' catch a trout once in a while, an' lie on my back in the shade, an' laugh with you an' have fun with you, an' .