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, catatoniac (kat'ă-ton'ik, -tō'nē-ak),
Relating to, or characterized by, catatonia.


, catatoniac (kat'ă-ton'ik, -tō'nē-ak)
Relating to, or characterized by, catatonia.


(kăt-ă-tō′nē-ă) [″ + tonos, tension]
1. A phase of schizophrenia in which the patient is unresponsive, marked by the tendency to assume and remain in a fixed posture and the inability to move or talk.
2. Stupor.
catatonic (-tŏn′ĭk), adjective
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After introducing narcoleptics in the therapy of psychiatric pathology, the incidence of catatonic schizophrenia dropped; this success was credited to the new pharmacological agents.
Although systemic lupus erythmatosus (SLE) is commonly known to cause neurological and psychiatric manifestations it has only rarely been reported to cause the catatonic syndrome.
Extreme excitability in a catatonic state presents a risk of injuring self and/or others, with ensuing autonomic disturbances, such as tachycardia and hypertension, and can result in collapse.
In many respects, the Catatonic Type is the most bizarre of the three.
In the play's present, Judas is catatonic, existing in, as one character calls it, "a void of sadness.
Don't tell it; write it down," Wolfe remembers advising Santiago-Hudson, whose stories about his boardinghouse family included impressions of everybody from a catatonic Vietnam vet to Ricky, the handsome butch lesbian (Adina Porter) who taught him boxing moves as a kid.
As you survey the room, 1/3 of the students appear to be hung-over, another 1/3 are in a catatonic state for an undetermined reason, and 1/3 seem fairly eager to learn.
In general, with the exception of a few bland made-for-television movies, popular culture has limited religion to the rather harmless, generic use of angels as gimmicks--"Touched by an Angel," Angels in the Outfield--or poorly made and under-funded Bible films such as last fall's The Gospel of John, described by one catatonic reviewer as "the longest Sunday School class ever.
The defendant was a habitual, heavy methamphetamine user, had attempted suicide, was described by a psychiatrist as schizophrenic, had a long history of injuring himself and pouring liquids in the resulting wounds causing gangrene, and had been involuntarily committed for psychiatric evaluation because he appeared catatonic.
Not all of Leatherbury's runners have been claimers - he has won Grade 1s with Taking Risks and Catatonic.
But the real keynote speech came from Emmanuel Jordan, the catatonic ex-con hero of Ed Solomon's Levity, the festival's opening night film.