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, catatoniac (kat'ă-ton'ik, -tō'nē-ak),
Relating to, or characterized by, catatonia.
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, catatoniac (kat'ă-ton'ik, -tō'nē-ak)
Relating to, or characterized by, catatonia.
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(kăt-ă-tō′nē-ă) [″ + tonos, tension]
1. A phase of schizophrenia in which the patient is unresponsive, marked by the tendency to assume and remain in a fixed posture and the inability to move or talk.
2. Stupor.
catatonic (-tŏn′ĭk), adjective
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The second catatonic episode lasted 17 months and was characterized by an irregular oscillating pattern of CK values.
The principal difference between the groups was a higher proportion of "ever catatonic" patients (60%) who lived in vertical families (with parents or children).
Un 32 aout sur terre riffs off the old catatonic male motif, but it transcends it as well.
This profoundly delirious, catatonic, and psychotic state failed to respond to oral lorazepam (up-titrated to 2mg four times a day) or valproate (1.5 g daily in divided doses).
His catatonic symptoms improve with each dosage of oral lorazepam; however, effects seem to lessen and last for shorter periods over the following day.
The six 'colourful' tales at Ceri Hand are Caught Red Handed, Thinking Orange, Catatonic Yellow, Green Horn, Feeling Blue and Apoplectic Violet: Death Walks in High Heels.
I RECEIVED a letter this week which accused me of being a "catatonic bore".
She described how the drug, a plant fertiliser, gives its users a short-lived high followed by a "catatonic state for hours".
Reports of kids achieving catatonic or hallucinogenic states simply by downloading and listening to "digital drugs" have been making rounds.
He said he was "almost catatonic" by the time his housemate met up with him.
If Ms Turner based her column on anything other than her own ill-informed preconceptions, she may know that people NOT taking anti-depressants and who need them may retreat into a near catatonic state behind their closed doors due to the tremendous strain of trying to maintain a facade of normality in their everyday lives and not give away the despair they are really feeling.
"She wouldn't speak and went into a catatonic trance.