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The dried flowering tops of Nepeta cataria (family Labiatae); an emmenagogue and antispasmodic; also reported to produce psychic effects.
Synonym(s): catnep, catnip
[L. cattus, male cat (post-class)]
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2001), that Nepeta cataria is effective in inhibiting bacterial growth.
Midnight Cataria has far less on her plate than when last seen in a Listed race at Newbury when she contests the Racing UK-sponsored handicap hurdle at Ludlow.
The two herbs namely Nepeta cataria and Cuscuta reflexa were used in the form of an extract (traditionally called Khaisanda) where the herbs were soaked overnight in warm water, just heated, some sweetener added in the morning and given orally at the dose of 100 mL twice daily.
Not only can you buy seed mixes for your cat which includes Nepeta Cataria and mixed grasses that aid digestion for your dog but you can choose from mixes of lettuce, veggies, clover and spinach for your rabbit, hamster or guinea pig and even seed varieties for your tortoise, parrot or budgie
a) A combination of Nepeta cataria and Cuscuta reflexa infusion provided significant improvement for postmenopausal symptoms.