cataract lens

cat·a·ract lens

any lens prescribed for aphakia.
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Therefore replacement of the cataract lens with an artificial one is more important to restore the vision.
Contract notice: Supply necessary for carrying out the process cataract lens material including the asistencial complex segovia.
Contained in 23 chapters, the text provides descriptions of corneal and refractive, glaucoma, and cataract lens implant surgeries, new advances in phacoemulsification technology and instrumentation, surgery in uveitis, small incision cataract surgery, pediatric cataract surgery and intraocular lens implantation, and advances in virteoretinal surgery.
Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Trust has sent 1,800 letters to patients over fears cataract lens implants used three years ago could lead to cloudy, impaired vision.
When the eye surgeon removes your cataract lens, you will need something to replace it so that you can focus and see clearly.

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