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ac·tive cen·ter

the part of a macromolecule at which a substrate or ligand, on binding, produces biologic activity; for an enzyme, this is the catalytic center, the site on an enzyme that catalyzes the reaction.
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Catalytic center E235 and E340 and could be seen in [Figure 3]c surrounded by loop 1 (residues 345–350), loop 2 (residues 393–399), and loop 3 (residues 312–319).
The catalysis has been developed at the CAT Catalytic Center at the RWTH Aachen University.
In this context, the research area of the catalytic center will be equipped with laboratory equipment.
The rewarding collaboration with Bayer MaterialScience and Bayer Technology Services as part of the CAT Catalytic Center, laid the foundations for this consortium.
In this context, the catalytic center will be equipped with new furniture and furnishings for the technical conference and seminar rooms.
the catalytic center should be equipped with laboratory equipment.
Now, concern about the consumption and disposal of the heavy and/or rare metals that are used as the homogeneous catalytic centers, have convinced ever more scientists to look again at heterogeneous catalysis.
At the American Chemical Society's national meeting in San Francisco, Shelnutt delivered a series of papers on his team's work with metalloporphyrins, a class of compounds that serve as the catalytic centers for cytochrome P-450 proteins.