active center

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ac·tive cen·ter

the part of a macromolecule at which a substrate or ligand, on binding, produces biologic activity; for an enzyme, this is the catalytic center, the site on an enzyme that catalyzes the reaction.
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In this context, the research area of the catalytic center will be equipped with laboratory equipment.
The reactivity of organotransition metal complexes depends on the ligand environment of the metal, so optimizing the catalytic center by varying the ligand properties is a powerful tool in homogeneous catalysis.
External Institutions in Germany such as the CAT Catalytic Center, the Leibniz Institute for Catalysis and the Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology are also involved.
Despite the structural similarities to ONCONASE, high-resolution X-ray crystal structures of one amphinase variant, Amph-2, in both natural and recombinant forms, reveal a collection of unique features at the catalytic center (some integral, some peripheral).
Said Bailkin: "Bertlesmann will be creating a catalytic center for those not now in the New York market.
The company discovered the catalyst that brings about the chemical reaction with the required level of efficiency, and developed it together with the CAT Catalytic Center.