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Relating to, or suffering from, catalepsy.
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Relating to, or suffering from, catalepsy.
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(kăt′ă-lĕp″sē) [Gr. kata, down, + lepsis, seizure]
A condition seen in some patients after parietal lobe strokes and some psychotic patients in which patients may appear to be in a trance or may assume rigidly held body postures.
cataleptic (kăt″ă-lĕp′tĭk), adjective
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Both the front limbs of the mice were placed over 4.5 cm high wooden block and the time for which animal maintained the cataleptic posture was measured.
Statistical analysis by one-way ANOVA revealed significant effects of treatment on % cataleptic score (F=143.66, p<0.01).
An animal will be considered as cataleptic if it is allowed to cross the anterior and later legacy homolateral.
AZE (100, 300, and 1000 mg/kg) did not produce any cataleptic behaviour (P = 0.23, [F.sub.3,16] = 1.753, Table 2) in the mice treated.
seconds Symptom outcomes: no consistent pattern was demonstrated between stress and akinetic and cataleptic motor behaviors.
The cataleptic person has rigid body and limbs staying in the same position when moved (waxy flexibility), no responses, loss of muscle control and slowing down of body functions, such as breathing.
Cataleptic trances are the central concern in the stories The premature burial (1844) and The fall of the House of Usher (1839).
In "Going Cataleptic: Ecstatic Extremes and 'Deep' Thinking In and Around Diderot," Anne Vila investigates the commonalities between the exalted emotional state of ecstasy and the previously unexplored medical discourse on catalepsy in eighteenth-century France.
Initially only women, particularly royalty, danced the Singkil, which serves as either a cognisant or cataleptic advert to impending suitors.
Sundays thus became the regular day for Mary's attacks of hysteria, and after these she would lie <as> rigid as a corpse while a doctor was sent for, and hastened to rescue her from the cataleptic state.
Hauffe, when in a cataleptic state, would speak in a strange, unknown language which, she claimed, was the original language ('Ursprache') of mankind (Ellenberger 1970, p.
The cataleptic state was considered completed when the animal took off to the bar, or when it went to the bar.