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Employing both reflecting and refractive optical systems.
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Our proven catadioptric design for DUV processing, which requires a relatively small amount of calcium fluoride, continues to be a critical factor, evidenced by our global customer base for the MSV product," explained Papken Der Torossian, chairman and CEO of SVG.
The NSR-610C, with its catadioptric optics of NA 1.
The NovaLine K2020 is an Krypton-Fluoride, 248nm excimer laser optimized for the catadioptric imaging systems used in SVGL's advanced 248nm high throughput scanners (Micrascan IV).
25pm E95) enabling exposure of most critical features, allowing flexibility in optimizing catadioptric lens designs as well as support for ultra-high numerical apertures
Our proven catadioptric design and overlay performance continues to attract new customers," explained John Shamaly, president of Silicon Valley Group's Lithography Systems.
The proven in-line catadioptric lens design ensures reticle compatibility with previous systems.
We believe that the catadioptric lens design of SVG lithography will be a clear competitor at the 193 nm and the 157 nm lithography nodes.
2 numerical aperture (NA) catadioptric lens and provides a 30 percent improvement in resolution compared with today's leading-edge dry tools.
The design is perfectly suited for SVG's catadioptric lens.
2 numerical aperture (NA) catadioptric lens, polarized illumination and water based immersion technology.
By offering the tightest bandwidth in the industry, the XLA 300 enables the exposure of ultra-fine critical features and offers flexibility for our customers to optimize the capabilities of their catadioptric lens designs for high-volume production at the 45nm node.
A new catadioptric lens design which combines refractive components with mirrors to create a hyper NA lens that is cost effective to manufacture and a consistent size with other ASML systems.