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A genus of plants (family Euphorbiaceae) with one species, Ricinus communis, the castor oil plant, the source of castor oil; the leaves are said to be a galactagogue.
Synonym(s): castor bean
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castor bean

1. The castor-oil plant.
2. The poisonous seed of the castor-oil plant, from which castor oil is obtained.
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castor bean

Herbal medicine
The kernel of the seeds of Ricinus communis, which contain the highly toxic ricin and ricinine.
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cas·tor bean

(kast'ŏr bēn)
Herbal agent made from the seed of Ricinus communis; widely used as a cathartic laxative; overdosage can produce gastrointestinal problems.
Synonym(s): Mexico seed, pei-ma.
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(2010), where wanting to quantify the genetic diversity of eleven genotypes of castor bean and Cavalcante et al.
In May 2018, he had bought at least 1,000 castor beans and an electronic coffee grinder via Amazon Marketplace.
Investigative studies on the evaluation of production and yield components of common bean cultivars and castor bean hybrids in intercropping system are of great importance for technicians and producers to be better informed about the most efficient management in the system in question.
A major downfall of their use in the diet is the presence of high levels of lignin in some byproducts, such as sunflower and castor beans, which most likely negatively influence the degradation of fiber and non-fiber (Mizubuti et al., 2011).
Ricin is a protein that is found in the seeds of the castor bean plant, the same plant that yields castor oil.
castor beans. Several recipes for extracting ricin from castor beans are
The buyer added that the acquired firm had signed a memorandum of understanding with the governments of Vietnam and Laos for two agricultural projects for growing castor beans to be used for a vegetable oil used in biofuel.
Citing unnamed intelligence officials and classified intelligence reports, the newspaper said al Qaeda's affiliate in Yemen has been trying to acquire large quantities of castor beans, used to produce ricin.
It seems that when authorities searched Crooker's home during the 2004 silencer investigation they found some castor beans and rosary peas, common legumes from which the poisons ricin and abrin can be derived.
A special blend of hypoallergenic emollients of organic jojoba oil and castor beans helps skin stay hydrated for 24 hours, continually smoothing out the skin's surface.