casting shrinkage

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cast·ing shrink·age

(kast'ing shringk'ăj)
Volumetric change of cast metal as it sets; counteracted by thermal and setting expansion of the investment material.
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(9) However, Morey (15) (1992) suggested that the setting expansion of the investment should be close to 0.05% in order to accommodate the wax expansion, and stated that the investment should have sufficient thermal expansion to compensate for casting shrinkage.
Other hypotheses also tested were the relation between thermal stresses and mechanical properties of the mushy zone, and mismatch between expansion of the mold and casting shrinkage. As the results of this simple simulation showed, strain rate could be used as a reliable predictor of hot tearing in simulations of casting magnesium alloys.
Consequently, liquid metal was able to compensate casting shrinkage, which decreased the alloy's tendency to form shrinkage porosity and hot tears.