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Cast-iron skillets often have angled instead of rounded seams between the sides and bottom so that you get a sharper, stabler corner on those baked goods.
Initially manufacturing door hinges, they became known worldwide as a top manufacturer of cast-iron products, especially cookware.
PSE&G, which has more cast-iron pipes in its system than any other utility in the nation, is still at work.
CAST-IRON COOKWARE DOLLAR SALES April 2006 to March 2007: $18.42 million April 2005 to March 2006: $16.02 million April 2004 to March 2005: $12.63 million SOURCE: NPD TOP FIVE CAST-IRON COOKWARE MANUFACTURERS (ranked by unit sales; includes gift with purchases) 1 Private label 2 Lodge Manufacturing 3 Tabletops Unlimited 4 All-Clad 5 Le Creuset SOURCE: NPD
Kenji Lpez-Alt explains, "When you add a half-pound rib-eye steak to it, a cast-iron pan will stick close to its original temperature, delivering a thicker, crisper, more evenly browned crust.
As far back as the 5th century B.C., metalsmiths in China were making cast-iron pots, as well as plowshares and other utilitarian items.
If you've found a well-made cast-iron piece, restoring it will be fairly easy.
But while the CMA's statistics show that the combined cast-iron and porcelain-on-steel category has increased 23 percent in sales for the first six months of this year over the same time period last year, the non-stick category's sales have also increased, with a 16.9 percent increase this year from the same time period last year.
The production of cast-iron began in England in the mid-18th Century.
I usually find cast-iron pans and things in tag/yard sales, but I do pick up some in flea markets and antique stores.
One such company is Meyer Corp., which has introduced porcelain-on-cast-iron products under its Rachael Ray brand and is offering a natural cast-iron program under its Farberware brand.
Cast-iron cookware has been used steadily in America since the 1600s, though over the last half century or so it has been known primarily as an outdoor cookware, used mainly by campers, hunters and living historians.