cashmere wool

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cashmere, cashmere wool

fine, downy hair fiber from the Kashmiri goat.
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CO-OPERATION:Dr Kegang Wu, left, and members of the Chinese delegation admire the fine cashmere wool
Cashmere wool - which comes from a cashmere goat's underbelly - is softer, finer, warmer and stronger than sheep's wool, making it perfect for chilly January.
TEXTILE workers in Kirklees have a been asked by the US government to help promote cashmere wool produced by goat farmers in Afghanistan.
The finest cashmere wool comes from the belly of goats in inner Mongolia.
American and European orders for garments made from cashmere wool, also called the "diamond fibre", fell by 30 per cent last year.
The bespoke suit, made with cashmere wool, silk and diamonds, took more than 600 hours to produce.
In addition to the release of this new guide, Croda has launched one of its newest products in the protein biopolymer range, Crotein Cashmere, an amino acid complex produced by the hydrolysis of the keratin fibers in cashmere wool.
Ladakh: Heavy snow has killed nearly 25,000 pashmina goats that graze high in the Indian Himalayas, threatening supplies of top-end cashmere wool used to make luxury scarves, an official said on Tuesday.
The 1,500sq ft shop, which specialised in cashmere wool coats, attracted customers from all over Yorkshire, Lancashire and further afield.
Pashmina refers to a type of fine Cashmere wool and the textiles made from it.
More than 100,000 Himalayan goats, famed for their cashmere wool, face starvation after their desert habitat was blanketed with snow.
As a result, heavy tariffs are being imposed across a range of European exports including cashmere wool - vital to jobs in the Scottish Borders.