cash budget

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cash budget,

n a schedule showing cash flows (receipts, disbursements, net cash) for a firm over a specified period.
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Information from this model is used to assess the ex ante cash budget position that should be targeted, in order to absorb potential shocks without breaching a particular lower bound for the budget balance.
To demonstrate the value of cash budgets, Table 5 provides a cash budget for the first quarter for Data Flow.
At this point you should take an objective look at the cash budget and search for areas that can improve your cash position.
The cash budget, therefore, must consider the difference between operating expenses and cash flow.
When the need exceeds the capability to secure the financing, discretionary items must be deleted and expenses reduced to make the cash budget a viable plan.
For example, a comprehensive budget's components (sales budget, production budget, cash budget, etc.
The cash outflow portion will be included in the cash budget, whereas cash obtained through borrowing or the sale of equity securities will also be reflected on the statement of financial position.
Currency expert Darren Kilne said: "Having up to PS250 in cash for emergencies or day-to-day spending is reasonable under normal circumstances, but it might be wise to increase this and use a daily cash budget while Greece finds stability and the ATM situation is resolved.
Use descriptive names that include the table name, such as "Empty Product Table," "Empty Cash Budget Table," and so forth.
I've got a cash budget, but I've also got a credit card in case I can't decide
Mr Swinney also confirmed the provisional outturn on the 2013-14 budget, with over 99 per cent of the Scottish Government s Au28 billion cash budget invested during 2013-14, and resources planned to be carried over to support spending in 2014-15 contributing to a limited cash underspend of Au145 million.
e) Markham's executive summary of budget presents cash budget as headline; it presents an accrual basis budget in budget details, but only on page 167.