caseous pneumonia

ca·se·ous pneu·mo·ni·a

a form of severe pulmonary tuberculosis in which tubercles are not prominent, but with a diffuse extensive cellular infiltration that undergoes caseation that affects large areas of lung.
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The forms of pulmonary pathology: score 1: tuberculoma; score 2: TB infiltrate; score 3: cavitary TB; score 4: disseminated TB; score 5: caseous pneumonia.
In the structure of tuberculosis among newly detected patients with preserved sensitivity the destructive and advanced processes occurred predominantly in form of infiltrative pulmonary TB (ITL) (86.3%); while caseous pneumonia ( occurred in 7.7%, tuberculosis pleurisy (TP) and focal TB--in 4% and 20% respectively.
The main forms of tuberculosis were generalized (44%), disseminated (6%), fibro-cavernous (12.5%), caseous pneumonia (9%), and others (tuberculosis of the central nervous system, cirrhotic tuberculosis of lungs, and tuberculosis of the intestine, 4%).