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A salt of casein.
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The use of fat replacers like xanthan gum and sodium caseinate increases moisture levels, reduces the hardness and affects other textural parameters in cheddar cheese, due to hygroscopic properties of these ingredients (Nateghi et al.
The d-limonene (active ingredient), maltodextrin (DE 10), gum arabic and emulsifiers (sodium caseinate, low methoxyl pectin, Tween 20 and Tween 60) were provided by a local company (Tecnas SA, Medellin--Colombia).
The sodium caseinate in powder form is available for various foods and non food uses (Kamizake et al.
The global casein & caseinate market is segmented on the basis of type, application and region.
Underhill says the Rumble Supershake is an all-natural nourishing drink that features a proprietary protein blend of fast absorbing, high- quality whey protein isolate, which helps muscles recover and provides instant satiation along with milk protein concentrate and calcium caseinate from fresh skim milk to provide slower dieting for lasting fullness.
Physicochemical properties of low sodium frankfurter with added walnut: effect of transglutaminase combined with caseinate, KCl and dietary fibre as salt replacers.
It is observed that the puncture strength of [gamma]-irradiated whey protein film has increased by 20% to 50% as compared with pure calcium caseinate film, suggested favorable interactions between whey protein and calcium caseinate [61], The soy protein isolates film's puncture strength have 37% higher than the nonirradiated film [61], The effect of [gamma]-irradiation on gluten film [62] and has been investigated and the result indicates that irradiation treatment increases its tensile strength from 2.
Arvanitoyannis I, Psomiadou E and A Nakayama Edible Films made from Sodium Caseinate, Starches, Sugar or Glycerol.
Back then, even though the FDA considered it non-dairy according to its own arcane rules (it was lactose-free), kashrut-observant Jews considered it dairy because of the caseinate.
Protein supplements used were whey protein isolate or sodium caseinate, both containing 27g protein.
The inactive ingredients are honey, molasses powder, nature identical chicken flavor, sodium caseinate and tartaric acid.