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A salt of casein.
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Sodium caseinate was dissociated at pH 12 and at room temperature after about 30 minutes.
com/research/db1f17/casein_caseinate) has announced the addition of the "Casein & Caseinate World Market" report to their offering.
A: Casein is the soluble form of milk protein, so calcium caseinate and sodium caseinate are made from dairy.
FMC Biopolymers and the COE are presently involved in a study of soy protein isolate at a usage level of at least 9% as well as a dairy blend of caseinate and whey protein at a usage level of at least 9%.
In experiments, the scientists packed a control sample, along with fruit with a sodium caseinate coating plasticized with sorbitol, and fruit with a sodium caseinate coating plasticized with glycerol, in clam shell boxes, which were stored at 5 C for one week.
The various caseinates include sodium caseinate, calcium caseinate, potassium casseinate and ammonium caseinate.
A stable emulsion was prepared using the purified oil, sodium caseinate and lactose.
Association of Emulsifiers includes: Association of Emulsifiers in Aqueous Systems; On the Stability of Aerated Milk Protein Emulsions in the Presence of Small-Molecule Surfactants; Interactions between Sodium Caseinate and Dioleophosphatidychloline on Oil-Water Interfaces and in Solution; Effect of Lipophilic Molecules on Food Protein Surface Activity at the Air-Water Interface; Monoglyceride Mixed Films.
Researchers at the University of Minnesota tested three proteins--sodium caseinate, whey and soy protein isolates--as alternative materials to gum acacia and modified starch, which are traditionally used to encapsulate flavors in a spray-drying process.
replaced by a soya isolate and the cheese compared well with other samples in which no caseinate had been replaced.
5g 38g 27g Sweet Success(tm) 190 6g 0g 49g 17g Artificial Sweeteners Used SlimShake None SlimFast Aspartame Sweet Success Aspartame and Acesulfame Potassium First Three Ingredients in Order of Quantity SlimShake Soy Protein, Calcium Caseinate, Whey Protein SlimFast Sugar, Fructose, Cocoa Sweet Success Non-fat Dry Milk, Corn Syrup Solids, Powder Cellulose Vitamin and Mineral Content SlimShake Between 30% and 50% of all essentials SlimFast Between 10% and 35% of all essentials Sweet Success Between 6% and 25% of all essentials SlimFast is a registered trademark of SlimFast International.
Using the protease Alcalase from Novozymes, Mexican scientists produced hydrolysates from fish muscle that could substitute for such functional compounds as bovine serum albumin and sodium caseinate.