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A salt of casein.
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Sodium caseinate level was reduced while the levels of glucose (60%), fat (30%), emulsifier (1.5%), and others (anti-caking agents, gum and flavors, 3.5%) were maintained.
Hudration of casein micelles and caseinates: Implications for casein micelle structure.
Antioxidant and physicochemical properties of blended films based on gelatin-sodium caseinate activated with natural extracts.
Na- caseinate which was run as standard, has four major bands of [alpha]S1, [alpha]S2, [beta] and K-CN.
Previously, scientists with Agriculture and Agri-Foods Canada reported that sodium caseinate (NaCas) can effectively protect probiotic bacterial cells from inactivation by heat during spray-drying in the presence of low melting-point fat.
Nicolai, "Dissociation of native casein micelles induced by sodium caseinate," Food Hydrocolloids, vol.
The method was applied to different dairy products (natural and adulterated milk and pasta filata cheeses), showing that LAL was not present in raw milk or derived from mozzarella cheese, while high amounts of LAL were found in calcium caseinate and milk powder.
The major constituent of this biopolymer is sodium caseinate which gives it its unique transparency and biodegradability.
The aim of this study was to encapsulate d-limonene using a spray drying technique to evaluate the influence of different agents with surface active properties (tween 20, tween 60, sodium caseinate and low methoxyl pectin) on some of the quality features of the product obtained and to assess the overall performance of the drying process for the purpose of industrialization.
New York, NY, August 22, 2015 --( According to a new market report published by Persistence Market Research "Global Market Study on Casein and Caseinate: Industrial casein to be the Largest Sub-segment by 2025," the global casein & caseinate market was valued at US$ 2143.1 Mn in 2014 and is expected to expand at a CAGR of 4.7% to account for US$ 3564.4 Mn by 2020.
Underhill says the Rumble Supershake is an all-natural nourishing drink that features a proprietary protein blend of fast absorbing, high- quality whey protein isolate, which helps muscles recover and provides instant satiation along with milk protein concentrate and calcium caseinate from fresh skim milk to provide slower dieting for lasting fullness.