case presentation

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case pre·sen·ta·tion

(kās prez-ĕn-tā'shŭn)
Consultation with a patient outlining diagnosis, proposed dental treatment, alternative treatments, risks, costs, and responsibilities.
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All the case presentations generated interactive discussions which was a good learning experience for students, trainees and fellows.
Supplementary material contains the slides of the case presentation which took place at CRT meeting in Washington, D.C.
The patient in our case presentation was afebrile, with leukocytosis, and Candida krusei was isolated from the thoracentesis fluid as well as sputum and tissue cultures from the thoracotomy, thus satisfying two of the criteria mentioned above.
The patient's pain and disability was out of proportion to what is typically seen in a FAI case presentation. The case was unusual in having a multinodular intraarticular growth pattern.
Our case presentations demonstrate multiple tactics progressing from simple emergency room options to a variety of tools that required use in a controlled setting within the operating room.
The case presentation is well-known to medical students, interns, residents and fellows; it was required at some time for each and every one of them to be able to present their case to the team.
This is an exceptionally rare case presentation of a young and an athletic female; she has been wrongly diagnosed with hypertension.
JPEG, TIFF, PNG, or EPS format) will be accompanied by a brief case presentation (of 500 words or less), one or two tables listing the key clinical / imaging features and differential diagnoses of the disorder, figure captions, a few key messages, and one to eight reference citations (see author template in Appendix 1).
Fahr Syndrome Presenting with tetany: Case Presentation. Abant Med J.
Case presentation or construction of the contentions in intercompany arbitration need to follow fundamental arbitration practice and procedure.
In addition to providing results-driven marketing campaigns for our clients, we get them training in effective case presentation techniques and marketing basics.
Mr Myers went on to recommend the AIDA case presentation, which he explained is "an easy to learn formula for communicating with customers so that they actually want to buy from us because they understand what they will gain."