case manager

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one who controls how something is done or used.
case manager the health care professional responsible for formulating a coordinated, comprehensive plan for individuals who need long-term health care supervision. It is the responsibility of the case manager to work with all health care providers, the patient, the patient's significant others, third party payers, and health care facilities in order to identify and meet the patient's needs.
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case manager

A generic term for the person with administrative responsibility for a particular case, typically in the context of a disciplinary action—e.g., a case under investigation by the General Medical Council (GMC).
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For case managers, using resources well means embracing technology.
The longer consumers had received services from the agency, the lower they appraised their working alliances with their case managers. One might expect that length of time in treatment would be associated with increased working alliance scores, given greater lengths of time to develop this type of relationship with a case manager.
The seven organizations in the coalition opened their doors to allow GCC case managers to work part-time onsite.
LifeWorks case managers guide clients in setting individualized goals and engage them in a collaborative process of goal attainment and monitoring.
During prenatal visits at People's Community Clinic, Tandem case managers recruit patients to the program.
After eight months of increasingly contentious communications with the insurance company, case manager, and medical providers, Baker hired an attorney.
Pink slips went out yesterday to 100 case managers and 20 administrators as part of budget-cutting announced in October to offset a $1.4 billion deficit in the state budget, according to Kristina Barry, a state Health and Human Services spokeswoman.
The coding system included themes such as "working alliance" which identified all the sections of text in which clients discussed their relationship with the strengths-based case manager. The working alliance theme was subdivided into other codes such as "client reactions towards the case manager" and "case manager reactions towards the client." For instance, "persistence," "support," and "personalization" (treating the client as a person) are examples of emergent categories identified by clients as meaningful for the client/case manager relationship.
Another bonus of experience as a case manager: As you move into your career as an independent CLNC[R] consultant, you'll find the transition easy because you are primarily autonomous in your case management practice.
A key additional feature of many forms is access to a case manager, who works directly with the insured.

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