case manager

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one who controls how something is done or used.
case manager the health care professional responsible for formulating a coordinated, comprehensive plan for individuals who need long-term health care supervision. It is the responsibility of the case manager to work with all health care providers, the patient, the patient's significant others, third party payers, and health care facilities in order to identify and meet the patient's needs.

case manager

A generic term for the person with administrative responsibility for a particular case, typically in the context of a disciplinary action—e.g., a case under investigation by the General Medical Council (GMC).
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You know, if I hear that maybe one particular case manager is on this case and I happen to work well with that person, I go 'good, this is going to be an easy case.
Case managers work in hospitals, health plans, home health, workers' compensation, behavioral health, rehabilitation and a range of allied health settings.
If that inmate, who was to check back in two weeks, shows up this Friday to check on his transfer, the case manager should not answer his question regarding the transfer, but rather should remind the inmate when he was supposed to check back.
Participants' case manager was the actual case manager from whom consumers received services.
Case managers should not focus only on the short-term solution of the case but the long-term impact of the investigative effort on future organizational endeavors.
The questioning is needed so the case manager can obtain an accurate picture of how the client will be helped.
The case manager should know the criteria and audit your MDS forms on a regular basis to ensure that you are meeting your time and day target.
Fourth, the case manager should communicate regularly with the payer, using a single point of entry if possible.
Item 11, "the rehabilitation case manager should know the job market," was rated significantly different by the two classes.
The team decided that if the supervisor wasn't around or was unavailable, the case manager should be authorized to ask the supervisor's manager to accompany the employee, or even the person directly above the manager.
With respect to time, the case manager can reduce the amount of time the risk manager spends on a case by providing valuable information on the technical implications of the injury.
The Diabetes Case Manager Toolkit, developed by AstraZeneca, references research from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the National Institutes of Health, the American Diabetes Association and peer-reviewed health journals, with targeted information for caregivers, patients and case managers.

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