case manager

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one who controls how something is done or used.
case manager the health care professional responsible for formulating a coordinated, comprehensive plan for individuals who need long-term health care supervision. It is the responsibility of the case manager to work with all health care providers, the patient, the patient's significant others, third party payers, and health care facilities in order to identify and meet the patient's needs.

case manager

A generic term for the person with administrative responsibility for a particular case, typically in the context of a disciplinary action—e.g., a case under investigation by the General Medical Council (GMC).
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Finally, mean MBI subscale scores from the present study were compared with the corresponding scores from two earlier investigations of burnout experienced by employment service case managers--the 1999 Job Network investigation that has been described previously in this article and a 1995 investigation into public service case manager burnout.
Case managers should not focus only on the short-term solution of the case but the long-term impact of the investigative effort on future organizational endeavors.
It is important to treat the case manager as the mental health counselor wishes to be treated.
The case manager must be aware of what other disciplines are documenting, and must ensure that the MDS is consistent with itself and with the therapy notes.
The paperwork needs to keep moving even when the case manager is on vacation or out sick.
The second question was about to what degree consumers' understanding of perceived stigma relates to their perception of the strength of the working alliance with their case manager.
In addition to community placements, some case managers were assigned to leased vehicles and formed into mobile response teams (MRTs).
Case managers are often in a unique position to assist people living with HIV/AIDS in managing decisions to disclose their HIV status.
Chinman, Rosenheck, and Lam (2000) conducted one of the few prospective studies that has shown a positive association between the client-rated alliance with the case manager and general life satisfaction.
Our catchment area is extensive, and case managers spend a considerable amount of time traveling to make home visits.
She learned early on that the case manager's role is not a simple one; every case manager must wear multiple hats: nurse, case manager, workers' comp expert, claims expert, supportive friend, psychologist, cheerleader, patient advocate, guide, watchdog and resource.
has released GeoSpatial Case Manager, an innovative solution developed for child welfare services in response to the unique challenges facing their industry.

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