case history

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a particular instance of a disease or other problem; sometimes used incorrectly to designate the patient with the disease.
case history the collected data concerning an individual, the family, and environment; it includes the medical history and any other information that may be useful in analyzing and diagnosing the case or for instructional or research purposes.
case method a type of nursing care delivery system; see nursing practice.
case mix the groups of patients requiring similar tests, procedures, and resources that are treated at a particular hospital. Case mix is a way to define a hospital's production and has been identified as a major factor in differing costs among hospitals and among individual patients.


a systematic account of events.
case history see case history.
health history a holistic assessment of all factors affecting a patient's health status, including information about social, cultural, familial, and economic aspects of the patient's life as well as any other component of the patient's life style that affects health and well-being. The health history is designed to assess the effects of health care deviations on the patient and the family, to evaluate teaching needs, and to serve as the basis of an individualized plan for addressing wellness.
medical history information obtained from the patient to aid in establishing a medical diagnosis and developing a treatment plan.
nursing history a written record providing data for assessing the nursing care needs of a patient.

case history

A detailed account of the facts affecting the development or condition of a person or group under treatment or study, especially in medicine, psychiatry, or psychology.

case history

A record prepared and maintained by an investigator in a clinical trial that documents observations and other data pertinent to the study on each participant, regardless of whether he or she received the active agent or was in the control arm of the investigation.

Case report forms and supporting data, including signed and dated informed consent forms and medical records, with progress notes of the physician; individual's hospital charts; and nurses' notes.

case his·to·ry

(kās his'tŏr-ē)
Detailed recension, generally written, of all particulars of a patient's familial, medical, and social involvements related to a condition or disease process.

history, case

A record of a patient's chief complaint, ocular and general health and that of close relatives, and visual requirements. It is a very important part of the examination, which facilitates the diagnosis and treatment of the patient's complaint.

case his·to·ry

(kās his'tŏr-ē)
Detailed recension, generally written, of all particulars of a patient's familial, medical, and social involvements related to a condition or disease process.
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Desire Need Case History n M SD M SD Sexually abused 79 18.76 4.14 23.37 2.03 Physically abused 78 17.90 3.86 23.59 2.15 Nonabused 79 17.04 4.56 23.03 2.94 Note.
Statistically significant differences in the mean ranks were found when each of the five case studies were analyzed: Case history 1, [[Chi].sup.2] = 80.11 (n = 190, df = 4, p [is less than] .05); Case history 2, [[Chi].sup.2] = 234.90 (n = 190, df = 4, p [is less than] .05); Case history 3, [[Chi].sup.2] = 80.11 (n = 190, df = 4, p [is less than] .05); Case history 4, [[Chi].sup.2] = 234.90 (n = 190, df = 4, p [is less than] .05); and Case history 5, [[Chi].sup.2] = 105.2 (n = 190, df = 4, p [is less than] .05).
A key user question is always, "Where do I go next in the UI to accomplish my goals?" In case history #1, there were not enough cues; in case history #2, too many alternatives were offered at once without clear distinctions.
British Columbia has no Metis specific case history. Every year there are Metis hunters put under investigation.
Clinical skills involved in the collection of data in this first stage of the assessment model would include consultation, personal interviews, case history review, and the ability to synthesize the preassessment information to choose from the following decision-making options.
Anger and panic can also be involved in asthma episodes (see the case history below).
Chapters use plenty of case history examples to show how to take charge, how to develop natural strengths and extend one's reach, how to build a leadership framework, and more.
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A case history on cable designed for use in wiring entertainment and sports events highlights the toughness and durability of Flexalloy vinyl thermoplastic elastomer.