case finding

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case finding

the act of locating individuals with a disease.

case finding

A generic term for a strategy used to identify patients with a certain condition or exposure who may be randomised for inclusion in a clinical trial.

A system for locating every inpatient or outpatient diagnosed and/or treated with a reportable disease. Case finding is a proactive attempt to diagnose probands for cascade screening.
A method of identifying vulnerable people who may not be in touch with health and social care services, using either highly specific local criteria or nationally validated criteria to assess the relative risk of functional decline.


in epidemiology, an animal which has the specified disease or condition which is under investigation.

case abstract
a structured summary of a case report suitable for computer entry; permits machine sorting and retrieval and leads an investigator to the original paper records on which detailed descriptions must be based.
case-control sampling
selection of cases as a sample to use in a case-control study (below).
case-control study
a retrospective, analytical, epidemiological study. A group of pre-existing cases of the disease are matched with a selected group of control animals that do not have the disease so that the presence or otherwise of an hypothesized disease determinant can be ascertained in both groups.
case fatality rate
the proportion of cases with a specified condition which die within a specified time.
case finding
the strategy of surveying a population to find the sick animals that are the foci of infection; an essential early step in the eradication of any disease.
case history
the collected data concerning an individual, contact and related animals, environment and management procedures, including any past medical history and any other information that may be useful in analyzing and diagnosing the case or for instructional or research purposes.
index case
the first case recorded in an outbreak.
case management
care of a sick animal including specific and supportive medication, surgical intervention, housing, bedding, nutrition, restraint, collection of specimens for submission to laboratory or stall-side tests.
case population
the group of animals in the total population which are sick or infected, as distinct from the control population, which are not sick or infected.
case recording
entry in records of the clinical findings of individual sick animals. May be structured or unstructured, paper or machine, with or without the accounting record for the case.
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This inverse relationship could be a biologically plausible impact of active TB case finding.
Possible explanations include frequent, increased implementation of active leprosy case finding activities during the period which may have contributed to improved access for both boys and girls.
The yield of intensified TB case finding and therefore the number needed to screen to diagnose one new TB case is variable and depends on TB incidence in the general population, the setting (e.
Finally, we assessed, over a range of specificity, the sensitivity and timeliness of syndromic surveillance and the detection benefit of syndromic surveillance compared with clinical case finding for each simulated outbreak.
This case finding supports the conclusion that MBOCA is a potential human carcinogen.
Obstetricians, in contrast, tend to draw a tightly circumscribed circle around their case finding for subclinical hypothyroidism.
It should be kept in mind, however, that this study did not address the impact of using case-finding screens on patient flow, the effectiveness of case finding on outcomes from depressive disease, or whether routine screening for depression is merited.
Effective disease control strategies such as case finding, decontamination, prophylaxis and vaccination, and quarantine must be defined.
TB/HIV collaborative activities will be implemented within the context of improving TB case detection by intensifying TB case finding among people living with HIV.
Outbreak case finding involved local laboratories and genitourinary medicine physicians in London, as well as the national reference laboratory.
Project activities include: (1) supporting the medical response through case finding, contact tracing, education awareness, disinfection and dead body management; (2) providing preparedness and response capacity in non-affected countries; (3) enhancing coordination by providing effective communication to all stakeholders and through the consolidation resource mobilization and reporting functions; (4) providing effective staff and volunteer safety and security systems, including support before, during and after a deployment; and (5) establishing a Regional Ebola Unit in Guinea (Conakry) that provides Ebola coordination and support at Zone and Geneva levels.