case fatality ratio

case fa·tal·i·ty ra·ti·o

the mortality rate of a disease, usually expressed per 100 cases.
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"The Philippines has lower cases of dengue compared to other ASEAN countries, but the case fatality ratio is high," he said.
More than 1 000 laboratory-confirmed cases of listeriosis occurred, with a case fatality ratio of 28%.
CCHF outbreaks, experts say, constitute a threat to public health services because of its epidemic potential, its high case fatality ratio (10-40pc) and the difficulties in treatment and prevention.
But if you look at the statistics, the Dengvaxia vaccine is 66% effective and the case fatality ratio over the number of those vaccinated with anti-dengue is less than 10%," the Health chief said.
If it is any consolation, Duque assured the public these statistics of the Dengvaxia vaccine case fatality ratio continues to be less than one percent of the top killer diseases in the Philippines.
The way to contextualize this, even without Dengvaxia, there is a case fatality ratio. May namamatay talaga dahil sa dengue.
"The overall case fatality ratio is 10 percent," he added.
Despite this, however, a decrease in the case fatality ratio was recorded when compared to previous years - indicating that we are getting better at managing cases.
Of the 13 country regions investigated, the central region, which includes the city of Ouagadougou, was the most affected, having 1,679 of the 1,947 suspected cases (case fatality ratio 1.2% [20/1,679]) and 1,307 of the 1,327 probable cases.
(%) Reported suspected cases 410 (100) Deaths * (CFR) 42/410 (10.2) Specimens collected and tested during 393/410 (98.5) investigation * Negative and discarded cases ([dagger]) 346/393 (88.0) Unclassified/inconclusive cases ([dagger]) 10/393 (2.5) Laboratory-confirmed cases ([dagger]) 37/393 (9.4) Imported cases[section] 35/37 (94.6) Autochthonous cases ([section]) 2/37 (5.4) Deaths (CFR) ([section]) 8/37 (21.6) Abbreviation: CFR = case fatality ratio. * Among suspected cases.
The global incidence (per 1 000 live births) of invasive GBS disease in infants <90 days of age is estimated to be 0.53 (95% confidence interval (CI) 0.44-0.62) with a case fatality ratio of 9.6%.131 In South Africa (SA), the high incidence rate has remained largely unchanged at 2-3 per 1 000 live births over the last two and half decades, [4-7] although it is reportedly lower in the Western Cape (0.67 per 1 000 live births).
[14.] Kaye DK, Kakaire O, Osinde MO Systematic review of the magnitude and case fatality ratio for severe maternal morbidity in sub-Saharan Africa between 1995 and 2010.