case control study

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case con·trol stud·y

an epidemiologic method that begins by identifying people with the disease or condition of interest (the cases) and compares their past history of exposure to identified or suspected risk factors with the past history of similar exposures among those who resemble the cases but do not have the disease or condition of interest (the controls).
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Bausch & Lomb is collaborating with health authorities in Singapore and Hong Kong in completing a case control study to assess what common factors existed among the patients with infections.
In addition, King's College of London used Applied Biosystems TaqMan(R) SNP Genotyping Assays in a large case control study to identify genetic variants associated with inflammatory bowel disease.
Another multi-center case control study concluded that using CALM could reduce the incidence of uterine rupture during attempted vaginal birth after a previous cesarean section (VBAC), a catastrophic complication, by 42% (p 0.
A case control study conducted by the CDC found that approximately 80% of the people with this "E" pattern had eaten hot dogs manufactured by SARA LEE.
To address the issue of PPH, Interneuron submitted the results of an international case control study assessing the potential risk factors that may contribute to the occurrence of this rare but serious cardio-pulmonary disorder, which was estimated by the study's investigators to occur at an annual rate of one to two persons per million in the general population.