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In dentistry, removal of excess filling material, using special instruments to produce accurate anatomic contours and restore form and function to the tooth.
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The entrants are only allowed to use chainsaws to produce their sculpture, though burners can be employed to add finishing details to the carvings.
There has also been an exhibition at The Stove and volunteers have been recording the stories of local stonemasons and photographing the rich variety of carvings around the town for posterity.
The art of stone carving in Pakistan is as ancient as Buddhism itself as this art has been a centuries-old occupation for scores of families in the Taxila Valley.
Hidden in the forest, the 11th century carvings have a wonderful history that attracts archaeological students and tourists curious about the ancient city.
Michael honed his craft when he worked as a waiter at Meson Cinco Jotas (now Restaurante Cinco Jotas) in Madrid when his maestro cortador de jamon, Pedro Seco, saw his talent in carving jamon.
The local government does not keep an official registry of woodcarvers, but its municipal agriculture officer, Antonio dela Rosa, says that between 3,000 and 5,000 were engaged in wood carving during the industry's heydays from the 1970s to the 1980s.
Rebels Halo Glass Art is a family-owned and operated, home-based business that provides glass carving on panels, mugs, vases and just about anything glass.
Trujillo's body of work reflects a lifetime of learning and engagement in the art and process of wood carving as a meaningful occupation.
The carving took a day-and-a-half with little rest.
Mr Mohan uploaded footage of the discovery online and, sure enough, the carving bears and uncanny resemblance to the kind of bike you'd see today.
You taught himself the art of traditional wooden carving and unearthed a gift in the delicate art of carving.
In my engineering, I wanted to be something special so I browsed and found this lid carving. Later on, I too gave a trial on pencil lid art.