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Relating to a rounded pattern, from which short curved radiations appear to emanate
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I remember the kinaesthetics of the cartwheel and how it feels to be like everyone else.
Borne and his collaborators note that the galaxy's interior contains so little dust that Hubble's wide-field and planetary camera saw right through it, imaging a more distant galaxy that lies directly behind the Cartwheel.
Cartwheel Kids is thrilled to partner with Nickelodeon on such an exciting re imagination of Peter Rabbit, a beloved, classic children's brand," said Vince Klaseus, President of Cartwheel Kids.
When I do a cartwheel, I look more like a klutzy clown.
Girls Hold Up This World by Jada Pinkett Smith Cartwheel, November 2004 $16.
The stunner was dazzled when 18-year-old Everton striker Wayne did a cartwheel after he scored against Switzerland in Euro 2004 last week.
I liked the part where Jimmy couldn't do a cartwheel.
Operation Cartwheel, launched by West Midlands Police, is the first initiative of its type in the region and will see a number of checks on busy roads.
The most popular girl was copying my moves, so I tried to top her with a no-handed cartwheel.
With the help of a state-of-the=art infrared detector, they have begun to reconstruct the violent past of this intriguing structure -- dubbed the Cartwheel -- and other so-called ring galaxies.
Aronson is the managing partner of Cartwheel LLC, a marketing services company dedicated to helping retailers strengthen their business through more effective use of their shopper purchase information.
17 /PRNewswire/ -- Cartwheel LLC has finalized an alliance agreement with 1010data that will deliver breakthrough shopper data processing and storage capability for retailers interested in generating increased sales from better utilization of their shopper data.