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n in dentistry, a device of various configuration and composition used with a syringe for the application of anesthetic or other materials to a patient.
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The central sign in the cartouche is a seated noblewoman who carries a flail as a sign of power.
It also uses a new, contemporary font named "Hilton," which was custom-designed for the brand and features a smaller cartouche that provides a modern look and places more emphasis on the Hilton name.
It was a martially marked revolver bearing factory walnut stocks with the famous cartouche, along with the "U.
Archaeologists have also not found a cartouche - a pharaoh's name in hieroglyphs - of the pyramid's owner.
SC stocks should only have the "FJA" cartouche, and the "E.
This edging en circles the cartouche, correctly placed in the centre of the container, while the elegant border frames an unusual scene: tropical flowers in a classic beet-root-red glaze, blooming so abundantly that their offshoots threaten to overrun the frame.
For some visitors, the numerology and Cartouche card station on Parker Street, manned by Templeton resident Rosanne C.
It is probably from around 1840 to 1870 and features a floral Cartouche on the underside.
For example, the cartouche of Xensi Province contains an illustration of the now rare Pere David's deer.
The focus of the upgrade was on the cartouche and label, while small refinements were also made to the stel cap.
Cartouche comes from the Latin carta, from Italian.
The collection contains ancient Egyptian artifacts like an oval cartouche box, stuffed animals, insects, ocean specimens, and items from early America.