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Congenital aplasia of the nasal columella and cartilaginous septum. Laryngol Rhinol Otol (Stuttg) 1984;63:344-6.
The technique is the same as previously described with the addition of alar batten grafts harvested from the cartilaginous septum. In the majority of cases, these rectangular grafts measure 18 to 25mm in length and 4 to 6mm in width.
The Kiesselbach's plexus or Little's area is an anastomotic network of vessels located on the anterior cartilaginous septum. It receives blood supply from both the ICA and the ECA.
Freer's incision followed by submucoperichondrial dissection to expose the caudal edge of the cartilaginous septum was done.
Ambrus et al define a nasal septal abscess as a collection of pus between the bony or cartilaginous septum and its overlying mucoperiosteum or mucoperichondrium.
The columella is separated from the cartilaginous septum by the thin membranous septum.
Anterior rhinoscopy detected an ulcerative lesion measuring approximately 1.5 x 1 cm over the left side of the anterior part of the cartilaginous septum. The lesion was shallow, it had a red floor, and it was surrounded by discolored, unhealthy mucosa (figure 2, A).
The second patient was an elderly woman with a badly deviated cartilaginous septum. The perforation served as her airway through the right nostril into the left side of the nose.
A spacer is placed in each ethmoid cavity, the attached needle is passed through the anterior cartilaginous septum, and the suture is tied to the suture on the opposite spacer.
Physical examination revealed that the patient had a severe saddlenose deformity secondary to a collapse of the dorsum, a complete absence of the cartilaginous septum, and a large well-healed cavity within the nose.
A large septal graft containing both bony and cartilaginous septum was required to reconstruct the defect.
The most common sites of involvement are the cartilaginous septum and the inferior turbinate.