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Keywords: Carotene a-tocopherol element fatty acids hepatosomatic index cartilaginous fish
The second answer is that, by holding the discussion of cartilaginous fish until both the live-bearing animals and the birds are discussed, Aristotle saves himself a good deal of repetition.
Species not represented by otoliths, such as salmonids (during 1998) and cartilaginous fishes, were detected because all structures were used.
oxyrinchas (L., 1758), are among the best documented examples of local extinctions in cartilaginous fishes as a result of fishing activities (Casey & Myers 1998, Francis et al.
It includes bony fish (such as mackerel, tuna, anchovies, herrings, sardines, flying fish, ocean sunfish, swordfish, marlins, sailfish, barracudas), cartilaginous fish (such as blue sharks, dusky sharks, hammerhead sharks, dogfish, cat sharks, eagle rays), sea turtles, small cetaceans, pinnipeds, squid, pelagic red crab, salps, porifera, and birds.
By demonstrating the persistence of OTC in the mineralized tissue of a cartilaginous fish at liberty for nearly two decades, our study confirms the long-term effectiveness of this age validation tool.
Scientists at the University of Western Australia (UWA) say sharks and other cartilaginous fish have highly developed sensory systems and relatively large brains.
Sharks belong to a cartilaginous fish group that also includes skates and rays.
Not so for cartilaginous fish like sharks and skates.
The study is thought to be the first to demonstrate social learning in any cartilaginous fish, the BBC reported.