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Fanie Jason's photo essay on carthorses and the humans who work with them in Greater Cape Town documents trans-species affiliations, contrary though some may be.
He said he doesn't want to go out like an old carthorse.
QUOTE OF THE DAY 'Alves is an accident waiting to happen and Wallace is a big carthorse now.
Joshua said he had not heard Fury's latest claim that he was just a muscle-bound "carthorse" and these taunts were just "what I deal with in my industry".
A timid mouse unsure which way to turn or a plodding carthorse bearing a heavy load?
Dunne, insists Stevie boy, played games at No 2 while Howey was at Maine Road and before he turned into a carthorse at QPR!
With just over a third of the season gone there are only six teams in this division who have conceded more goals than Blues and there lies the main problem: sloppy, lazy ball retention coupled with ponderous, carthorse defending that summed up Hull City's second and third goals.
A party loyalist, Mr Cuthbert is well-liked in the constituency but is not seen as a big hitter - an internal Plaid document recently emerged describing him as a "three-legged carthorse" who should be sent to the "knacker's yard".
PLAID Cymru yesterday refused to apologise for calling Labour Caerphilly candidate Jeff Cuthbert a "three-legged carthorse" who should be sent to the "knacker's yard".
Hopefully they will find most of the savings by streamlining the WAG into a cost effective body which is more like a racehorse than a carthorse.
They have driven a carthorse through the spirit of the rules and regulations."
The B&Q manageress keeps Henry, a 12-year-old skewbald carthorse, in a field in Humbleburn Lane, Craghead, along with a yearling called Megan and a 31-year-old pony called Smokie.